Rooftop Solar Advantages

There are many benefits of rooftop solar depending upon for the kind of solar power solution you adopt. The key benefits are as follows –

Financial benefits:

Using solar gives you assured savings over your electricity bills. Minimum savings start with 10 % going up to 40% on your monthly bills. More Savings = More Money = More Earning.

Saving Environment:

Using Solar system means reducing your power consumption from the grid or in other words your power distribution company (DISCOM). Your DISCOM typically sources power generated from coal or other similar non-renewable energy resources. Therefore, the lesser the consumption of power from the grid, lesser the need for generation and hence lesser the consumption of non-renewable energy resources.


Solar rooftop is an investment and must be treated in the same manner as money invested in a business project, the added pay-off being self-sufficiency in terms of power. Returns from solar power plants vary depending on the type and size of the solution and from location to location reaching up to 50% in some cases. Using solar for your commercial establishment has benefits for your business too.

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