Advantages of Solar Energy: Solar Benefits

As the consciousness around environmental degradation grows, India is targeting 450 Gigawatts (GW) of installed renewable power capacity by the end of 2030 – more than 60% (280GW) of which is expected to be from solar energy. As a result, today, solar power is easily accessible to the majority of households and businesses across the country.

But what is the reason behind this massive shift to solar power? Well, there is a lot more to it than the environmental perspective. Here, we will highlight some stand-out and notable advantages of solar energy and the benefits of solar panels that anyone switching to solar power must consider. Let’s take a look:

Heal the Planet with Solar Energy

Even though the usefulness of solar energy extends beyond the environmental aspect, it is the most critical factor. Plus, not only are fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum harmful to the environment, but they are also finite or limited resources. As a result, limited availability creates a volatile market in which conventional energy prices can skyrocket in a short period of time.

On the other hand, solar power systems derive clean and pure energy from the sun. Plus, they do not emit any harmful gases or emissions while generating electricity - which is one of the most crucial benefits of solar energy. So, installing solar panels on your rooftop minimizes dependence on fossil fuels, combats greenhouse gas emissions, and drastically reduces carbon footprint. All in all, it is an essential step towards healing the planet.

Generate Your Own Power with Solar

One of the most significant advantages of solar energy is energy independence, as you can generate your own electricity and store it for later use. Use the electricity generated through solar panels to power home appliances such as fans, tube lights, air conditioners, and geysers, even during a power outage. All you need is a battery in place, and you can get electricity backup and savings together. Even better, solar panels are ideal even for areas with no grid supply.

Reap the Returns

It goes without saying that power usage & requirements only increase over time, but it also results in increased utility bills. However, you can start saving instantly by opting for solar as it can save an average Indian household close to 3-5units of electricity each day. This can translate into monthly savings of up to ₹900.

Plus, solar power systems have a standard life expectancy of 25 years with proper maintenance, making solar a smart investment, especially considering that most parts of India receive over 300 days of sunshine every year. So, get in touch with Luminous today to get the best returns on your solar investment!

Versatile Usage of Solar Energy

Apart from the many benefits of solar energy to the environment, another advantage is the versatile use of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. For instance, solar panels can be used in remote locations, including rural areas and even ships and open fields. Similarly, solar panels can be easily installed in both horizontal and vertical spaces, which makes for excellent space utilization.

Better yet, you can expand your solar power system as and when needed!

Increased Employment & Jobs with Solar Power

Since solar power is readily available everywhere, it promotes employment and job opportunities for the local masses while positively impacting the economy. The main reason behind this is that a considerable portion of the expenses come from the installation process, which enables people to hire local engineers and laborers. So, if you’re considering the advantages of solar energy, increased employment tops the list.

No Energy Production Costs with Solar Energy

As solar energy requires only the sun’s light and radiation to function, there are no production costs involved, which is an excellent merit of solar energy. Therefore, the only significant expense is buying the solar panels and the components, plus paying for the installation. However, these costs can quickly be recovered in a few years, giving you another reason to switch to solar power today!

Low Maintenance

There is a popular misconception that solar panels are hard to maintain, but it is quite the opposite. All your solar panels need is a thorough clean once a week so there is no dust accumulation as it can hamper their efficiency. Additionally, since solar systems have an expected service life of 25 years, there are no significant repair costs involved. So, if you’re considering the benefits of solar energy, low maintenance is an essential one.

Increase Property Value with Solar

Any property, residential, or commercial that comes with an installed solar power system is bound to have a higher sale or resale value. Therefore, if you plan to sell your current house in the coming years and relocate, investing in solar panels will ensure your property sells at an increased rate. This is another great advantage of solar energy as it helps you save more.

Government Rebates & Subsidies with Solar

If you go solar, you can make use of the several rebates and subsidies offered by the Indian government. While these schemes are only available for household solar power systems, even commercial solar installations get some added benefits and discounts. At present, the Indian government offers up to 40% subsidies on solar panel installations, which is also one of the most notable benefits of solar energy. However, these schemes may differ based on the state you reside in. But don’t worry, as our team at Luminous can help you figure out the specifics!

So, what are you waiting for? Switch to solar and book a free solar consultation now with Solar by Luminous.

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