Switch to environment friendly power - decarbonise your electricity

Modern India is extremely dependent on electricity for their everyday needs. Our homes, vehicles, technology require immense amounts of energy, yet fossil fuel supplies are finite. Sunshine, however, isn’t going away anytime soon. That’s why, it seems logical to make the most of solar power, from an energy security and sustainability perspective.

Solar energy is spread abundantly throughout India. Solar power, for both home and commercial business owners, is a clean, affordable, and sustainable way for anyone to generate electricity. People switch to solar for substantial financial benefits – such as lower utility bills and increased home value. But the significant environment benefits are equally important.

Though the energy saving benefits are quite obvious, it’s worth looking at the environmental benefits that going solar provides.

Firstly, solar creates energy independence. Fossil fuels, used to power our homes and vehicles, may seem in abundance today, but there will be a time when the world will run out of them. Finding and extracting these sources can also be very expensive. In contrast, sun is always going to be there, and is the world’s most abundant energy resource. It can also be used over and over again. Switching to solar energy is the best way to combat the reality of finite fuel resources.

Going solar is also the best way to reduce air pollution. Our traditional energy sources such as harmful carbon dioxide and methane emissions from fossil fuels are leading causes of rising global warming and decreased air quality. But generating electricity with using solar panels doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases whatsoever.

Also, while all manufacturing processes make use of water, solar photovoltaic cells don’t need water to generate electricity. It’s one of the biggest environmental benefits of going solar. Traditional power plants, such as biomass and geothermal, require huge amount of water to facilitate their processes. With solar energy, there is no need of water, hence no pollution; nor does their operation strain local supplies.

Going solar means your start saving from Day 1. When you consider the financial benefits of solar, many people believe it to be a huge investment, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. Buying a solar panel form your home translates into lower electricity bills. The utility companies are known for their unreliable electricity prices, something you can’t really do anything about. With solar panels, it’s simple math. You can calculate exactly how much electricity will be generated and at what price, for at least 25 years.

Similarly, solar panels increase a home’s value in the real estate market, similarly to homes in school districts and those with good energy ratings. Think about it, most solar panels come with a 25 year warranty on them. As long as you are staying in your home, you enjoy lower electricity bills, and when it’s time to sell, a solar installation can fetch you a much higher price. It’s an investment that pays for itself over many times over the 25+ years lifetime of your installation.

Looking at all the benefits of solar, there’s no doubt that it is a sound and secure investment. One thing that you can be sure of is its guaranteed performance. While most companies give a warranty of 25 years, the lifespan of solar panels is much longer. With little maintenance, your solar panels can generate electricity for at 35-40 years.

That being said, the effectiveness of your solar installation works only if you pay heed to certain factors. The major one being the location of your rooftop. It’s a no brainer that a shaded rooftop isn’t fit for solar panel installation. Also, if your rooftop is in need of a renovation, it’s better to be done with it before the installation, since your solar panels aren’t getting moved anywhere for at least 25 years.

You will also need to review your electricity bill as to whether going solar means substantial utility savings or not. Solar panels generate their own power and have to potential to greatly offset your monthly electricity bills. Needless to say, the higher your bill, the more will you benefit from switching. You can try an online tool called Solarizer to get an estimate of the savings before and after your solar installation.

Also, before getting the solar installation, you must know how much energy efficient you already are. If you have equipment that eats up too much of electricity, then a solar installation would have to work twice as much to power your home. A home energy audit is one of the best ways to go about it.

All this might sound a little complex, but with the right solar provider, the process is easy and uncomplicated. At Solar by Luminous, our team of independent solar consultants will help you sort through your options, guide you through the process and help you make an informed decision. To see how much you can save, and for all other solar questions, visit us at www.solarbyluminous.com and leave your number with us. We’ll get back to you at the earliest to answer all your queries.

Lastly, going solar doesn’t just benefit you – the owner. It benefits everyone who cares for the plane Earth and enjoys a cleaner, and more sustainable environment.

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