Going Solar for a Pollution-free World

With expanding environmental consciousness and a growing concern for green energy solutions, more and more people are embracing renewable energy as the solution that will mitigate the hazardous effects of global warming and pollution. In order to understand what we can do to be more environment friendly, it is imperative to understand what kind of energy is causing pollution in the first place.

To create energy for powering up our homes, fossil fuels are burned - non-renewable sources of energy that don’t come with the ability to be replenished and have a negative impact on the air. Carbon, the main element found in fossil fuels, releases particles that are harmful, creating a carbon imbalance in nature. Temperatures are therefore rising quicker, leading to harmful impact on health of those living on the planet Earth.

Among renewable resources, such as wind, rain, tides and waves, sunlight has been proven to more effective and finds the widest application in green households. Solar energy is a clean and sustainable energy source that can play an important role in combating air pollution by generating power with solar panels and eliminating the emission of harmful greenhouse gases. The power generated using solar panel has proven to satisfy the needs of any household while simultaneously reducing its ecological footprint.

Along with reduced air pollution, solar energy has other environmental benefits as well. Switching to solar power reduces water consumption and consequently, pollution, as generating electricity using sun doesn’t require water, as opposed to traditional power plants that require a massive amount of water besides fuel.

One other important benefit of solar energy is that it reduces the need for finite resources. The sun produces enough energy to outlast the world’s total energy use. It may take some time for finite source to disappear; it’s prudent to switch to solar energy before any irreparable damage to the environment happens.

Many home owners are switching to solar power in an attempt to increase their savings, as well as reduce their carbon footprint. The most common type of solar power people go for is solar panels. These panels use Photovoltaic cells, which gather sunlight and turn it into electricity. Depending on your needs, there is different kind of solar systems. An average household can produce enough energy for its needs with a 3KW solar system, while a household with a greater need of electricity might do better with a 5KW solar system.

But one thing that you need to consider is whether to go for Off-Grid systems or the On-Grid ones. The latter come with a net metering system and work in conjugation with the grid or your electricity supply. It doesn’t work when the grid is down in case of power outage. The Off-Grid system is a more feasible option in areas that suffer from high power cuts. These systems store the electricity produced by the solar panels in batteries and use it as and when required.

Global warming and pollution are real, pressing issues that need to be addressed in the present by one and all. Environment friendly solutions like solar energy play an important role in preserving the environment. That is why, a growing number of households are embracing solar power in an attempt to help the environment and design sustainable homes.

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Our products are also designed as per IEC standards, making them eligible to subsidy schemes. We also give a warranty of 25 years on our products, and help you maintain the efficiency of your solar installation, throughout its lifetime. Even a single household that switches to solar energy makes a difference, as the worldwide adoption can have a significant impact.

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