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India is one of the few countries that receive more than 300 days of bright sunshine every year. This leaves ample room to harness the sun’s energy while largely reducing dependence on non-renewable traditional power sources such as fossil fuels, and there is no better way to do so than installing solar rooftop systems.

Solar rooftop has gained popularity in India only for over a decade, but recent years have seen the rapid and large-scale installation of rooftop solar power systems. As a result, today, rooftop PV systems can be spotted almost everywhere, including residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings.

What is Solar Rooftop System?

As the name suggests, solar rooftop consists of the various components that make up a rooftop solar power system. Rooftop solar power systems produce clean and renewable energy by harnessing the sun’s light and radiation through photovoltaic (PV) panels. This means that there are no harmful gases and emissions involved in the process, making rooftop solar completely eco-friendly.

However, since the solar panels produce Direct Current (DC), an inverter is needed to convert the Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC) as the latter is required to power electrical devices. Although the solar panels and solar inverter are the two main components of a solar rooftop model, the mounting structure, cables, connectors, electrical wiring, and other components are also equally essential.

In addition to running essential household appliances such as fans, lights, refrigerators, and televisions, a solar rooftop can also be used to power streetlights and other heavy-duty electrical equipment in commercial and industrial sites.

While this covers the primary functioning of solar rooftops, it is important to understand the different types of solar rooftop systems and how they differ from one another.

The Types of Solar Rooftop Systems

  • On-Grid Solar Rooftop System

    On-grid rooftop solar systems, also commonly known as grid-tie solar rooftop systems, are primarily installed in residential and commercial areas with regular power supply. As the name implies, these solar rooftop systems are connected to the local power grid; however, the primary power source is solar energy, and grid electricity is only utilized when solar power is not available

    The on-grid solar rooftop is best suited for those who want to cut down on their utility bills, as the excess power generated by the PV system can be fed back to the local grid. In addition to lowering your monthly electricity bill, you can also generate additional revenues as DISCOMs (electricity distribution companies) offer compensation/rewards for contributions to the grid.

  • Off-Grid Solar Rooftop System

    Off-grid solar rooftop systems are generally installed in off-grid or remote regions where there is a lack of consistent power supply. Unlike an on-grid solar rooftop model, an off-grid solar rooftop model is not connected to the grid as it is a battery-based system that can run on its own. In addition to powering appliances, the PV modules also simultaneously charge the solar battery , which then provides backup when the sun or the grid power goes down.

    Although there are no additional rewards involved with off-grid rooftop solar power systems, they are the key to energy independence. This is one of the major reasons why off-grid solar rooftop has gained massive traction of late.

  • Hybrid Solar Rooftop System

    Hybrid solar rooftop systems are a combination of both on-grid and off-grid solar power systems . While this solar rooftop model comes with a solar battery, the advantage is that the excess power generated by the solar panels can be supplied back to the local power grid. So, not only will you have battery backup with a hybrid solar rooftop system, but you can also generate extra savings and revenue.

Benefits Of Solar Rooftop System

Now that we know the basic functioning and types of solar rooftop systems, let’s take a look at the several benefits that they offer:

  • Reduces carbon footprint as there are no harmful emissions or pollution involved while helping combat environmental issues such as climate change and global warming.
  • Solar rooftop makes solar energy easily accessible in remote areas as it is easy and feasible to install rooftop solar power systems.
  • As discussed earlier, opting for solar rooftop installations can help increase your savings and generate extra revenue.
  • It is not only a long-term investment, but it is a secure one that offers high returns in a relatively short span of time.
  • Utilize the existing real estate on roof removing the need to purchase any additional land/space
  • Since India receives over 300 days of annual sunshine, a solar rooftop model is ideal for Indian climate and weather conditions.
  • The Indian government offers various subsidies and tax credits to those who install solar rooftop systems, which is an added advantage

Best Solar Rooftop Solutions

Luminous offers a wide range of solar rooftop solutions. You can choose from DC-based systems, AC based systems with backup (off-grid solar system), AC based systems without backup (grid-connected solar system) and AC based systems with both back-up and savings (Hybrid solar system). All our solar rooftop systems come with the best-in-class conversion efficiency and are equipped with the highest safety standards.

If you’re having trouble figuring out which rooftop solar solution to choose, you can compare the options based on your load requirements. We offer rooftop solar systems for load requirements, which are available in both PWM and MPPT technologies.

What more? We offer complete packages for hassle-free and seamless solar rooftop installations. Here are all the benefits you can entail by opting for solar rooftop solution packages by Luminous:

High-Quality Components, Including Balance of System

Installation Service

Net Meter Installation & Assistance

Prompt Care & Warranty Support

Insurance Assistance

Add-On Safety Features

Plant Health Check-Up Visits

Financing Options

Additionally, Luminous also offers a 25-year performance warranty on the solar panels, whereas the other solar rooftop components come with individual product warranties.

So, book a free solar consultation with us today and get your roof examined by our team of experts.

Choose Luminous and get one step closer to your solar journey!

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