Institutional Projects

solarbyluminous is the ideal destination for organisations that wish to implement solar PV solutions across multiple locations. Luminous with its network of Solar Solutions Partners across the country can assure a professionally managed project execution journey that is on cost, on time and on quality.

A brand that is backed by a 30 year of legacy of trust, quality and support makes Luminous the default choice wherever there is an aggregated demand for distributed projects.

Below are some of our on-going projects that showcase solarbyluminous capabilities to execute

Digital Empowerment Foundation

Established in 2002, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) finds sustainable digital interventions to overcome information poverty in rural and remote locations of India, and empower communities with digital literacy, digital tools and last mile connectivity.

Alternate Power Source with Back-up to support Internet Access Infrastructure. 103 remote locations spread across 7 States in India.

Solar Solution:
Hub Locations: 3kW PCU / 9x325Wp PV Panels / 4x150Ah,12V Batteries
Spoke Locations: 1kW PCU / 3x325Wp PV Panels / 4x100Ah, 12V Batteries

Smart Planner Pvt Ltd

Incorporated in 2010, Smart Planner Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in providing Financing and Management solutions to Petrol Pump owners.

Reduction in operational costs of Petrol Pumps. 20 petrol pumps across TN.

Solar Solution:
Type A locations: 5kWp Grid Tie Inverter / 15x325Wp PV Panels
Type B Locations: 10kWp Grid Tied Inverter / 30x325Wp PV Panels