Things to Consider Before You Decide to Go Solar!

With a multitude of solar installers available, defining the parameters for choosing the right one is a tough decision. Even though price seems to be the sole lucrative parameter, industry experts wouldn’t suggest the same. Right from solar panels, inverters to the services offered by your installer like mounting the structure and other necessary civil work, everything has to be seamless.

Choose high quality product from an established brand

While it is a pain to pay a little extra, but this solar system is going to last you for more than 25 years. So it is perfectly fine to bear that extra cost for warranty benefits and any assistance you might need in the future.

Look for companies that have been around for a long time and use branded products, you don’t want to end up probing for the original manufacturers to avail that warranty clause.

Hidden costs

Any kind of civil work or net-metering related costs should be discussed under the total proposal cost at the start of the project. Also, make sure you discuss your future usage of energy with the solar partner and the system is designed keeping probable expansion of the solar system in consideration.

Efficient rooftop panel design

While you make the decision to use your partial or whole rooftop for installing solar, it is advisable to make the maximum utilization of the space available to maximize your savings. The angle at which the solar panels are mounted are defined by your geographical area and the type of space available. A highly competent solar partner can ensure the best in class efficiency possible. Sunlight and weather conditions vary from area to area, your installer must be fully aware of various externalities affecting your solar system’s design and output.


While the installation process is still going on, it is important that the solar partner maintains a proper hygiene and all wiring is concealed in the installation area. Safety is one of the paramount factors, right from proper Earthing to deployment of inverters at the right place. Make sure the solar partner you trust has a high quality benchmark and is properly trained in getting all the procedures right.

In the branded solar space, Luminous has their certified solar partners spread across India who help install customized Luminous solar solutions for their consumers under the brand’s standard norms and procedures. Being one of the stalwarts in the Indian inverter and battery industry only high quality products are installed.

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