Long Tail Solar is the future

The missing link so far in making solar and wind the cornerstones of a renewable future is the energy storage system. The need for reliable storage mechanisms that ensure that energy is available for use even when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing, is acute.

The world energy storage market is expected to grow dramatically in the coming decade. We are already expecting a capacity increase from the current 6 GW to over 40 GW by 2021. The market for solar energy storage solutions has already grown from $200 odd million in 2012 to almost $19 billion by December 2017.

The major impact of the shift to renewables has been witnessed by residential solar, which has been growing consistently for the past few years. Residential solar is expected to be one of the leaders for global energy transformation. As India scrambles to meet its renewable targets, off-grid solar solutions for residential buildings can be one answer. Since, financing options for such solutions are readily available and the government is also keen on providing subsidies for such installations, it makes sense to invest in these. However, in contrast to normal ‘solar panel plus battery’ storage systems, long-tail solar installations i.e. smart energy storage systems are a bit rare and are currently only available from established solar companies in the market. 

A smart solar solution not only stores energy for later use, but also optimizes it for home automation, smart appliances and integrates with Internet of Things to create a comprehensive network of energy efficient technology. Such a system will be the preference of solar enthusiasts who realize the potential of doing more with a home solar solution than simply shaving off some bucks from their monthly energy bill.

Opting for a home solar solution

For starters, every solar installation requires a complete study of the roof architecture, the surroundings and the home energy setup before installation. There are solar panel providers in the market who assess these factors and provide a sturdy, non-intrusive solar panel installation (check one of them out here), and make sure that the wiring and storage systems are placed in a secured place. It is important to go for such products when buying a new solar panel and energy storage system for your home to ensure that the system remains in place and provides continuous power come sunshine or storms.

Secondly, when going for long tail solar, checking the storage for actual capacity and quality of current is also very important. Modern devices respond differently to fluctuations in current and a storage system which has issues with consistent power delivery may render smart home products unusable or even cause damage to their circuitry. 

Lastly, solar is an investment which will eventually repay its value. Therefore, spending a little more for a branded product can save the hassles of technician visits and maintenance costs in the long run. Also, a solution like SolarbyLuminous or something of that ilk is more likely to be compatible with future long tail solar setups than a generic solar panel and battery setup. To explore solar solutions available in India, visit us here.

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