Are you still in denial about climate change?

Climate change is a hot topic in the world right now. The rapid change in the global climatic conditions has raised a major discourse among people. There are two sides to it, on one hand are those advocating clean energy for living and on the other are those who claim that climate change is nothing but a hoax.

People who deny that climate change is happening justify this thought by pointing out that global warming has actually stopped as some areas around the world have actually become cooler and hence the idea that the Earth is getting warmer is invalid. Also, most people who deny climate change believe that climate change is a controversy created to discourage the fossil fuel industry and happen to work in the same industry.

But if you have a look at the graph below, the 10 hottest years globally, taking 1881-1910 as baseline, have been limited to the last two decades.

However, climate skeptics have often cited sensationalized excerpts from 2009’s Climatic Research Unit Email Controversy that global warming is altogether a scientific conspiracy.

Although every individual is entitled to his or her own viewpoint, the fact remains that climate change is very real and happening. A practical example of this change is the shifting of seasonal cycle. Even a decade back a mild winter breeze would have already arrived prior to the festive season of Diwali. Nowadays, the winter season begins much later than Diwali and ends quite prematurely. The monsoon is nearly always late, always below expectations and more unevenly distributed than ever before, and all this information can be verified from empirical data records.

The way forward…

Fortunately, the world has unanimously agreed upon a framework to counter the threat of climate change, even if a little later than it should have. The collective effort is not just the responsibility of those governing the nation states but also their citizens.

By reducing the use of carbon-based fuels for energy and recycling the elements which pollute our land, water and air, the effects of climate change can be reversed or at least halted. However, it is not something that can be achieved in a few short years, the world is still dependent on fossil fuels for over 80% of its energy needs. Conscientious efforts, technological advancement in the field of renewables and a global handshake on promoting clean energy will play a vital role in where we stand in the coming 50 years.

Work has already begun in this direction and as a result, today solar power in India has become affordable than ever before and people all over the world are opting for rooftop solar installations, wind farms are being setup and new hydel power projects are being approved. Scientists are also working to improve the efficiency of renewable technologies, for example, a photovoltaic solar panel sold in the market today has an efficiency rating of approx. 25%, up from a mere 4% in the 1950s.

Concluding Thoughts

In the age of internet, where a lot of conspiracy theories float around on almost every topic, it is very easy to form an opinion based on false facts. But the same medium of information also gives you access to credible research and theories on the topic. Before believing the heresy about climate change and global warming, taking some time to read about the ground reality of things can give you a clearer perspective.

So, instead of believing blindly in something, have a look at the things which are causing climate change and the technologies which are helping reverse it (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.). To talk to our renewable technology expert, click here.

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