Solar + Storage is the next generation power backup source

Power outages are a common sight in our part of the world. Unlike in developed countries where a power outage is generally caused by a natural occurring such as a storm or a hurricane, in the Indian sub-continent it is generally due to lack of proper grid infrastructure, lack of electric power itself or of course a natural phenomenon.

With a population of 1.3 billion, India needs a comprehensive overhaul of its power infrastructure to meet the rising demand. Especially in those urban and rural areas which are prone to step-motherly treatment when there is a power shortage. People living in these areas have traditionally turned to diesel powered generators (always a polluting influence) or to battery back-up (inverters as they are popularly known). Firstly, these power backup sources are not economically feasible for everyone and secondly, the backup time they offer is quite limited.

Solar plus storage offers a big advantage over these power backup options. One, a solar energy backup system provides constant power and two, the cost per unit doesn’t rise with every additional unit, as is the case with traditional backup measures.

A rooftop solar installation requires no fuel to run, generates no noise and if you have bought your solar panels from an established brand, requires no maintenances as well. Furthermore, professional residential solar solutions are no longer the ugly beasts that ruin the look of your dream home. Nowadays, the panels are installed after a thorough study of architecture instead of a haphazard placement all over the roof. Even the power storage systems and wiring are securely and aesthetically placed by professional technicians.

On the cost front, the battery prices have more or less stabilized today. With an average 10-year warranty and up to 25 years of operating life, a home solar system investment pays for itself in a few years’ time. But that is not all, a solar installation also gives homeowners advanced system level functionality.

As more people are commit to the green cause, smart home technologies will come to the fore and smart devices require a continuous electrical supply. A residential solar PV installation will integrate seamlessly with a smart home setup which is using smart lighting, water and air filtration units, and anti-theft systems, providing constant illumination and protection.

Also, new payment structures and government incentives have made the switch to solar power increasingly affordable too. In addition to helping you save on electricity bills each month, solar panels create a long-tern return on your investment. Reason being that most solar panels come with a warranty of 25 years and with regular maintenance, would work efficiently up to 35-40 years. All these and more reasons make solar panels the most preferred choice among green home owners.

Going solar is a big and measurable step in helping India achieve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. And like every big decision of your life, you need the help of experts.

Concluding Thoughts

When compared to a generator or backup inverter, off-grid solar has a higher utilization rate. And when you are consuming a resource that you have invested in, you are inadvertently getting more value out of it. In contrast, the diesel generator or inverter is just sitting there until and unless you have a power failure. So, when you consider the value of a solar plus backup system it is 100 percent day after day after day. On the other hand, a traditional power backup source like a generator offers an operating value close to 10 percent of its cost, which in itself makes a strong case for investing in solar.

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