Solar energy: The key to fighting climate change

Over the decades, climate change has become a reality and it’s changing the world as we know it. Severe droughts, floods, intense storms, the effects of climate change can be seen everywhere across the globe. It is a part of the human experience and will be for years to come.

And who is responsible for it? The answer is pretty obvious. Fast and environment threatening climate change is being cause by large scale human activities. Whether its large scale deforestation or burning of fossil fuels for energy production, we’ve been taking the planet for granted for a long time now. Due to pollution emanating from industrial activities, greenhouse gases are produced. These gases, such as carbon dioxide, have the ability to absorb the spectrum of infrared light and contribute to the global warming. Once produced, these gases can remain trapped in the atmosphere for tens or hundreds of years.

The time to reduce our carbon footprint on the nature is now. And one of the most effective ways to do so is finding and implementing alternate uses of energy to power up the planet. The use of fossil fuels isn’t the only factor responsible for global warming, but it is a major one. Renewable energy is one of the most important solutions to climate change and should be pursued on a large scale as quickly as possible if we want to have any hope saving the planet from an irreversible change.

It’s not that the change hasn’t begun. Energy use is changing fast; however, it needs to happen faster, not just in power generation, but also in heating, building, transporting and more. Renewable energy has the potential to powering about four-fifths of the world’s electricity by 2025, massively cutting carbon emissions and helping mitigate climate change.

But all this means taking action today to promote the renewable energy. There’s no question that by becoming more sustainable citizens of the planet Earth, we can enjoy a world that is clean, safe and secure.

Between the two major renewable sources of energy, solar and wind, solar power has been proven to be a powerful climate solution because it can reach massive scale, thanks to its infinite fuel supply, i.e., the sun, and its abundance in nature. The advantages of solar power are many, and even if you are aware of all enormous advantages of using sun for powering up your home, you still may have questions about solar panels and its impact when you look at the big picture.

Solar panels are one of the most versatile and flexible environment friendly options available today. By going solar, you enjoy freedom from unpredictable energy pricing, fluctuations and freedom to design a home system that works according to your needs and within your budget. With sophisticated and high functioning solar panels available in the market today, solar panels are no longer an unpredictable and insufficient source of energy. Today’s solar panels are designed to seamlessly integrate within your life and power up your home.

Also, new payment structures and government incentives have made the switch to solar power increasingly affordable too. In addition to helping you save on electricity bills each month, solar panels create a long-tern return on your investment. Reason being that most solar panels come with a warranty of 25 years and with regular maintenance, would work efficiently up to 35-40 years. All these and more reasons make solar panels the most preferred choice among green home owners.

Going solar is a big and measurable step in helping India achieve sustainability and reduce our carbon footprint. And like every big decision of your life, you need the help of experts.

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