Diu is now running on 100% solar energy

What tells you that India is serious about its renewable energy goal of achieving 1,10,791 MW of solar and wind power by 2022? Well, the hint might be in the fact that Diu, one of India’s Union Territories, is now completely running on solar power during day-time.

The 9 MW solar park powering Diu is spread over 50 acres of barren land - the perfect utilization we would say. Work on the solar park began in 2016 and was completed in two phases. The solar park has made people of Diu energy independent during day-time, where they once relied on the nearby State of Gujarat for all their energy needs.

Moreover, electricity tariff has also been revised since the solar park became operational, bringing down the energy bill burden for the local consumers. The Diu administration is now exploring additional avenues of green energy such as wind and home rooftop solar installations.

So, what is the lesson to be learnt here for the rest of the country?

For starters, imagine if the remote island of Diu can be so passionate and inspiring for the green energy cause, what can a UT like Delhi achieve if it goes solar? People from all over the country live and work in Delhi, it is our national capital, making it pollution free with 100% solar may be the crowning achievement of our times. It can inspire other state capitals and major metro centers to follow suit.

Secondly, the solar cause does need these success stories to offset the negative stories circulating in the country and the world about renewables. There are definitely some challenges in the path of renewable energy sources, but they are not as huge as the ones posed to the environment by fossil fuels. Also, the more we adopt the green technologies, the more it gets the R&D investment it needs, just like the changing face of social media today, can you recall how the social media scene used to look like a few years ago, and what global acceptance has made it now.

Even the government and the private sector is doing its best to spread solar awareness in the country. There is a subsidy program in place for people buying rooftop solar system in Delhi NCR, and companies like SolarByLuminous are providing total home solar solutions with 25 years of warranty to drive solar installations in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad areas.

In the end, reading about the success stories of green energy is one thing and becoming a part of the revolution is another. If you have looked up solar energy for home in the past or are inclined towards energy-independence, the time to make the leap to solar power is right now. There are two clear reasons for it as well, one, going green is the best thing you could do for the collective good of our planet, and two, since solar tariff is falling pretty fast, you might miss on the financial incentives offered for buying home solar in near future.

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