The Solar Puzzle

The biggest question in from of those willing to invest in solar solution is “How much will it cost?” Honest answer, it is up to you! There are Solar Power Generation Systems as in-expensive as your budget smartphone and as costly as a luxury sedan. However, it is necessary to bear the following in mind:

1. One needs to careful while evaluating the solar rooftop system and the pricing. Ensure there are no hidden costs. There are components to the solar power generation system and you must at all times be aware of which of those components are covered. Moreover, how those that are not included would be charged for.

2. The performance of your solar rooftop power generation system is reliant not only on the quality of the hardware i.e. the PV panels, the inverter, the batteries etc. but also on the quality of workmanship. System design and installation are extremely critical. A wrong angle of tilt, an improperly anchored structure, exposed cabling etc. can impact the system safety and performance. The antecedents and capabilities of your solution provider are therefore significant.

Solar rooftop is a long term investment akin to an investment in your child’s education. Choose wisely! You can get a sense of the size of the system and investment required for a solar power generation system on your rooftop by using Solarizer TM our Solar Calculator. Should you require more information send us your query along with copies of your past 2-3 electricity bills to or simply request a site visit!

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