Solar Power in India is Breaking Record after Record

We are continuously doing stories on the Indian solar scene and one main reason behind it is the unprecedented growth going on here. Take for example the recent developments at the Bhadla Solar Power Park in the western state of Rajasthan. The solar power generation facility invited bids for solar energy supply with the previous

lowest tariff bid, which served as the benchmark, set at ₹3.15/kWh (i.e. 4.9cents/kWh). Guess what happened, the two new bids made by Indian and foreign developers beat that amount, both of them.The bids for the 250-megawatt auction were priced ₹2.62/kWh and ₹2.63/kWh. Can you imagine how the scope of solar power is growing in India right now, the tariffs are dipping and the generation is increasing. Perhaps this is the fact giving the Indian government the confidence about meeting its Paris commitments.

The recent bids were 9.2% lower than the previous lowest bids and as the country launches more ambitious solar projects, the tariffs are expected to fall even further. And that is where the surprise comes up. Only two days later, in a bidding for a 500-megawatt solar project in Andhra Pradesh bringing the lowest tariff down to ₹2.44/kWh. So, two days and two new records, we can only wonder what’s next and relish the fact that finally India is on track for 100% electrification.

One part of India’s solar story that often fails to find mention in posts related to commercial solar is the fact that on-grid rooftop solar is also contributing to the solar energy industry in a significant way. These individual solar plants installed in urban and rural homes are supplying power to the grid, making electricity cheaper to produce, thereby not just bringing the cost down for the owners, but everyone else as well.

The government is also encouraging rooftop solar in a bid to increase energy accessibility in urban and rural areas where there are frequent power cuts. There is a subsidy program as well for every one buying a home solar solution in India.

So, all in all, great work. We hope India keeps up its solar energy success and becomes energy-independent soon. If you would like to join the solar train, get in touch with our solar experts here (link).

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