How to do you tell India is serious about solar power? By making a solar tree!

Yep, you heard us right. The Ministry of Science and Technology in India has unveiled a project that allows solar power generation in a limited space. The concept is developed by Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute in Durgapur. The highlight of this innovative venture is the sheer amount of solar power being harnessed. As much as 5KW of power can be produced using an area of just 4 square feet.

If we do a straight up comparison, 400 square feet of land is required to generate 5KW of power and about 1.4 hectares to generate 1 Megawatt. So, the efficiency of the solar tree is unquestionable. The team behind the project is now working on a rotatable solar tree which can auto align to the position of the sun to make it even more power efficient.

So, back to the question we asked in the heading. Is India serious about solar power adoption or is it just a part of the global hoopla for renewable energy? Well, we think the country is very serious. The solar tree is only one evidence of India’s foray into the renewables market. The number of rooftop solar installations in the country has been growing at a steady pace and more people are investing in quality solar installations which displays a long-term commitment to the green cause.

Private sector companies too have come forward with solutions which provide more integrated and advanced functionalities than an average solar installation. For example, SolarByLuminous – the direct to consumer solar initiative by power solution giant Luminous, offering a complete home solar installation. They are also taking care of all regulatory paperwork and do a full roof inspection before installing the solar panels in just the right spot to maximize power generation from the panels.

So once again, we are of the opinion that India is ready for a solar transformation, the question is, are you?

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