Waking up in a green future. What it could be like?

Well, haven’t we all imagined living the life shown in science fiction movies and novels? But there is a catch to it, the developments shown in these figments of human imagination are still out of our reach. It may take some time for us to reach there and it all really depends on the technology you desire. For example, if you want a robotic arm or something like that, it might be a long wait. But as they say, today’s ideas are the world of tomorrow, so nothing is impossible. And if we set some near-term goals, it might be possible to have a technology driven life too.

Take for example the green initiatives and the advent of smart home technologies and what Tesla is doing with electronic vehicles and how we now have clothing that can generate solar power and put all these things in an ecosystem together and you will get a ready mix of technologies which are futuristic. So, let’s imagine what it could be like, waking up in our homes in say 2030.

It’s 7:00 AM and office time, your alarm clock buzzes and as usual you try to snooze it to extend your slumber by a few precious minutes. But hey! The alarm clock has jumped out of reach and continues to buzz. Now you have to stretch a little and get to it, but again, the clock scurries away from you, buzzing annoyingly. Now you have to get up to shut down the damn thing, and once you are up, you are up.

Now you have to make the bed, nobody likes that, right? Well, since it’s the future, you simply say “Hey Siri” or “Ok Google, make my bed” and voila! The blanket folds more neatly than you ever could do it by hand. You are off to the bathroom; the lights turn on automatically of course. Pick up the razor and trim the overnight stubble, brush your teeth, and enter the shower (sadly, automatic grooming is not here yet). The water is as you like it, cool, warm, or hot because you shower is smart. Your favourite shower gel is also sprinkled by the faucet, not more fiddling around with bottles and caps. After a refreshing bath, you are ready for the office, oh wait, do have your breakfast first. Your microwave is smart, it woke up the moment you were out of the shower and has a steaming meal ready - nothing compared to the mom’s specials but still a healthy alternative.

In the meanwhile, the air conditioning of your car, parked in the garage, has switched on. You move out of the house, the gates lock behind you, lights are switched off and the entire house is now in the sleep mode. The garage door opens, and your car greets with you a soft purr and its headlights wink (ha! Probably overdoing it here). You get in, put on the seatbelt, and move out, the garage door goes down and the car exits the driveway as you check your mail and work schedules - oh, the car is on auto pilot so hands off the wheel, sir. You go past a fuel pump, some old-world vehicles are lining for that carbon heavy stuff, you scoff to yourself coz you are electric!

Your smartwatch “rings”, no more chubby phones. It’s mom (or not) and she wants you to take some time off from your “electronic life” and visit her. You say you will, hang up, and tell Siri to schedule a holiday. The ever so considerate Siri cancels all your appointments for the coming week and shoots a mail to the HR. You reach the office and the dream ends, nothing is free buddy.

Now you might be thinking that all that is fine, but how am I going to pay for that electricity bill? Well, online most probably. But perhaps we forgot to mention the solar rooftop of your home in this tale. Yep, it’s the sun who will be settling your electricity bills in the future. Out of the tech mentioned above (which is available in some form or another in the market), Solar is the most matured technology available today.

Rooftop solar installations are helping millions of homes around the globe to save money on their electricity bills and more importantly helping in reversing climate change. Even in India, there are thousands of rooftop solar installations in rural as well as urban areas. In recent years, smart grids have enabled more power cost savings for people by transferring credits for units produced via solar in a homeowner’s bill.

So, what this means is that you can in fact start creating the smart home of your dreams by investing in a good quality solar solution right now. Because as you rightly pointed out in the dream of the future, it is the power, needed for running all your gadgets and electronics, that is crucial, rest of the tech is peripheral.

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