How to save your residential rooftop solar installation from being an absolute disaster

One thing that holds you back from going solar is the cost. But after spending some time researching for the best sustainable solution for your home, you may as well agree that nothing beats a rooftop solar installation. Be it energy security, power cost savings or environmental benefits, home solar ticks all the right boxes. However, imagine how you would react after buying a costly rooftop solar solution if your supplier bungles up the installation?

Ideally the cost of a rooftop solar system for your home gets repaid in a few years’ time through the resulting electricity bill savings. But not if your solar system is not installed properly. That is what happened with one buyer in Delhi and the results are not pretty.

For starters, the panels were installed on a portion of the roof that always remains in the shade (guess, it was the most comfortable area to work in). So the whole point of this solar installation was defeated from the very beginning.

Add to that the fact that the panels sit on a mount which is made of rudimentary iron frame fixed to the roof using some cement mortar and bricks. The result, as you can see in the picture above, is not pretty. Moreover, it is also not very safe, the odd angle of installation near the wall means air pressure can build up under the panels during windy weather and cause damage. In case there is a storm, the panels might even be gone with the wind (if you know what we mean). Coming to the wiring, or the lack thereof, the whole setup is left exposed to the outdoor weather elements without any protection whatsoever. As you can see, the plastic pipe cover used for wiring is of low grade and is more of an attempt to cover tracks rather than provide any real protection to the wires.

Now what this kind of service does to your rooftop solar setup — apart from reducing its efficiency — is that you are stuck in an endless loop of repairs and maintenance without realizing that the fault lies in the installation and maybe not in the system. That is the reason why you should always trust an established brand when investing in costly technology solution like rooftop solar.

For instance, at SolarByLuminous, we follow a comprehensive guidebook before taking up a rooftop installation job. If your roof is not suited for solar panels we tell you then and there, rather than conning you financially. Here’s a list of essentials for a rooftop solar installation that we follow.

  • Roof strength and shadow analysis to narrow in on the ideal spot for a home solar setup placement.
  • South facing solar installation to maximize sun-time for your solar system that results in more energy generation.
  • Use of UV protected cables instead of normal AC cables to provide proper insulation and security to you and your family.
  • Use of HDPE conduits and MC4 connectors to cover the cabling to ensure zero damage to the home power grid.
  • Using nuts and bolts made of steel which are less susceptible to rusting for securing the solar panel frame instead of stainless steel ones which rust easily.
  • Proper structure and module alignment to ensure that there is no sagging or breakage.
  • High-quality finishing to the foundation with best-quality materials to secure the system in place.
  • Earthing and lightening arrester setup to ensure home equipment and solar system safety.

Phew! Now, after we are done with all that, we do a final check of the system, ensure that your system is generating power and supplying it to the batteries (for off-grid) or to the power distribution network (for on-grid), before taking your leave.

We believe that your investment in solar should inspire your friends and family to invest in green technology. By ensuring a proper installation, which also looks quite cool and high-tech, SolarByLuminous lets you flaunt your mini power station like a boss.

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