Installation Guide of Solar System Panels

It is easy to get one of these systems installed in your home:

  • Connect with our company and our experienced advisors will help you determine what type of solar power system will be appropriate for your home. They will also help to ascertain the size of the same after proper assessment of your roof.
  • Post ascertaining suitability, our experts will provide a diagram of the system to be installed.
  • Our team will get in touch with the authorities for approval and once the necessary permits are received, our expert team or certified partners will install the system for your home.
  • Post the installation a city authority representative will visit your home to inspect the system. We will manage this inspection too, for you.
  • After the go ahead from the city, the local utility company will install the net meter connecting the system to the grid (if you have chosen the on-grid system, no such requirement is there in off grid or battery based systems) and the system once turned on would be ready for use.

Factors Affecting Cost:

Given that each home and establishment is unique, at best we can provide you a list of factors that could affect the costs of installation.

  • The primary consideration would be that of space and the number of panels that can be accommodated on the space available. Installation on the rooftop is subject to the amount of sunlight the rooftop receives and the area available for installation on the roof.
  • Depending on the electricity requirements of the home or establishment, the space on the roof should be adequate to support the system necessary to generate adequate electricity

You are now on your way to enjoy the benefits of lower costs of electricity combined with the exceptional customer service we afford. In addition, you also get free system insurance, repairs and monitoring.

Please connect with us through the toll free number or by sending an email and our team will provide a quick revert.

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