Common Myths about Solar Power-

Solar energy is one of the hot topics globally and rightfully so. Not only does it makes our air easier to breathe, but also helps home owners improve the value of their homes. You help the planet AND save energy. It’s a win-win situation! Even so, mistaken beliefs about solar persist – some say it’s too complicated, too expensive or too unreliable. Going solar is less costly and much easier than most people think. Here are a few myths associated with solar installations, read on as we debunk them one by one.

Myth #1 Solar panels are too expensive

In a country like India, going solar brings great potential to save money on your monthly utility bill. The monthly amount owed on a solar loan is typically less than that of your average monthly bill. It’s like making a great investment that breaks even in a few years and keeps on minting money for years to come. Plus you are being environment friendly! It is, however, imperative to invest in quality solar installations and trusted solar service providers.

You can try a free online tool called Solarizer to figure out if solar is the way to go for you or not.

Myth #2 Solar will lower the value of my house

On the contrary, having a solar installation in your home will likely increase its value. Just like a modular kitchen or finished basement, solar panels are viewed as upgraders, and more and more modern day home owners are willing to buy or rent one that has an existing solar installation.

And for those of you worried about the solar panels making your home look like an eyesore, gone are the cumbersome models from back in the day. Nowadays, you can find some sleek, sophisticated looking panels that closely contour to your roof.

Myth #3 Installing solar is too complicated

It really isn’t if you go for an established solar service provider. Most of them offer a free consultation and answer all your queries. Also, they can guide you better through the permit and paperwork needed to install solar panels on your roof. Our experts at Solar Luminous are just a call away in case you need help with any questions regarding the installation.

Myth #4 Solar doesn’t work in certain climates

It’s a no brainer that solar panels need only one thing to generate electricity – Sunshine. And we have plenty of that in India. Even in winters, when there are fewer hours of sunshine, there is still sufficient amount to power the average Indian home. Contrary to the belief, you don’t need bright, sunny days for solar to produce electricity. Would you believe if we told you that the cold and cloudy Germany is the world leader in solar power, producing about five times as much solar power as the United States!

Solar panels make sense even in hilly areas as the sunlight reflects off of the snow, making your installation more effective.

Myth #5 Solar panels require constant maintenance

Solar panels don’t have any moving parts to wear out, making them highly reliable. Most panels come with a long time warranty, as long as 25 years. Many installers recommend an annual inspection to check the overall system performance, as is the case with your air conditioner or Television set. Dust and debris accumulated over a period of time can reduce the efficiency of your solar panel. All you need to do is give it a gentle scrub every few days.

Myth #6 Solar doesn’t make sense in high power outage areas

Solar solutions vary according to your need. With the help of an expert, you can identify them and make an informed decision as to which solution fits your home. First up we have On-Grid solutions that enable you to produce electricity using solar energy and export it to a grid. It comprises of a grid-connected system including a bi- directional net-meter. The net-meter records both import and export of electric units. You only pay for the net units imported, thus saving on your electricity bills.

Then we have Off-Grid solutions that allow you to store power and use it during a power outage. These comprise of battery packs that store the solar power generated throughout the day. Though the cost for Off-Grid solutions is higher owing to the batteries, they are still cheaper than your average diesel generator, almost half as that of the latter. Also, while a diesel generator sits idle when there is no power outage, your solar panel works irrespective of the fact. And again, solar panels reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

Going solar is one of the best decisions you can make for your home and the planet Earth. At Solar Luminous, we understand power better than anyone else. Start your solar journey with us and we’ll be with you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and hassle free experience. To request a call back, visit us at and leave your phone number with us!

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