Grid Tie System

Luminous grid-tie systems are reliable, safe and efficient solutions to use solar power to run your loads and feed excess power directly to the grid, thereby reducing your electrical bills. Luminous NXi Grid Tie systems are high efficiency power systems that are designed to quickly disconnect from the grid if the utility grid goes down (anti-islanding).


  • High efficiency >97%
  • Dual/Quad MPPT charge controllers for complete utilization of PV arrays even in partial shading
  • Wide operating voltage extends the day utilization for harnessing maximum power
  • Completely dust and water proof so can be installed outside
  • Safe, reliable and approved for Govt. subsidies
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solar power calculation for home

Off-Grid System

Luminous off grid solutions offer you independence to generate solar power, run your loads on solar and store the excess energy in batteries.

Luminous solar PCUs are high efficiency solar UPS that can charge batteries both from solar and grid power. The inbuilt MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controllers in these UPS extract up to 30% more power from solar panels.


  • Maximum utilization of solar power with inbuilt MPPT Charge Controller
  • Protection from internal surges & noise with inbuilt O/P isolation transformer
  • Selectable source priority among Solar, Battery & Grid
  • High-current-handling capability, preventing thermal losses
  • Short Circuit Protection for AC and DC
  • Remote monitoring through mobile app

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